Årets julegave


Jeg så for noget tid siden dette ur beskrevet i dansk golf, det må da være årets julegave til golfelskeren.

Producenten skriver:

Suunto G6 completely erases the need for paperwork and memorizing information such as scores and handicaps. All the information you need is readily available at the push of a button. You can also change the names of players and courses on the wristop computer itself.

You can play alone and monitor your improvement on different courses or you can compete against a friend and compare your scores later on. In the Memory mode, you can review data from the Practice and Test modes such as speed, rhythm and tempo.

The four different game types ensure that every golfer, from beginner to pro, can enjoy Suunto G6 to the fullest. You can choose from Scratch, Stableford, Strokeplay or Match games.